Money must grow on trees.

I am literally in tears writing this. I feel so used. Today alone my broke ass mama asked me for money, my best friend asked for bill money, my dad asked me for more money after I just gave his ass 65.00 yesterday like what . the . fuck. Can I live? I do not have any kids, yet I feel like I do.

 I get paid and half of my check goes to other people. I hate that I can't tell people that I care about "NO" especially when I know they need it. But I am so fucking frustrated right now. I really hate answering my phone because I always feel like someone is about to ask me for something. If I ignore them they tweet me, "Hey I just called you." Like I can't see that.

I need to go on a people cleanse. No phone. No facebook. No twitter. Nothing. I feel like I can never save because I'm constantly giving. But naturally I am a giver, its in my DNA. If I have it, I give. I feel like I am being selfish if I don't, but I am definitely at a breaking point. Please pray for me and my pockets.


Monique said...

Girl you need to say no. It may hurt their feelings but did you ever think that maybe you are enabling them? They are adults and if you can work hard for your money, they can do the same thing. That's not fair that you are stressed out because of another's doing. Say no, honey. They will thank you one day.

Bombchell said...

girl you have to start saving for a rainy day. sometimes when you say yes to others you are saying no to yourself. Im not saying be selfing, but u gotta help yourself if you cant afford it, you cant afford to help them.

Miss Daja said...

I used to be you. I couldn't say no!! Especially to people I love and care for but here's the thing, if you find yourself ALWAYS giving giving giving to these same people, it's THEIR problem that they have issues with money not yours. You've helped enough but now it's time to start helping yourself.

Put restrictions on your money. The next time, hold them accountable to paying you back. Stress that it's a loan. If they ask to borrow $50, only let them borrow $25. I began only giving what I can afford to lose. Meaning, if it won't make or break you to give then why not but if it's your only and your last, say no.

No is a complete sentence. Yes is a commitment. There has to be some type of balance. But it sounds like they're using you as their crutch because you always say yes. And when that happens, they'll never take full responsibility of the real issue at hand because they know you'll always be there.

I hope things work out in your favor. Sorry for the long speech! lol